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Seofriendly Solutions – Case Study.

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Firstly, a few words from Mr Tomasz Kołkiewicz, owner of Seofriendly Solutions:
We provide services of website positioning and optimization. In general terms — we offer to make your website friendly for search engines.

I`m searching for help in creating from scratch or rebuilding our limping visual identity. It is probably obvious, but I`m looking for something unique, that would be immediately associated with what we do.

- Tomasz Kołkiewicz
As mentioned above, the company already had a logo that it had been working under:

logo SEO
Former Seofriendly Solutions logo.



Tomasz was pretty attached to the original logo — especially to the concept of rising columns - but as the company grew, he became convinced that its visual identity needs some refreshing.

Therefore, we began with some tries of revitalizing the old mark. Several ideas of modifying the basic shape were created. I wanted to preserve the general feel of the original mark, but correct some flaws in its design and add a little bit more visual consistency:

szkice rewitalizacji logo SEO
Refreshment efforts.

I have to say that neither I, nor the client has been truly happy with the results. It seemed that those projects were too similar to the original one, and that we haven`t really reached any “new quality”. Even the immortal arrow-motif was not enough to save the case;-)

Creating a new symbol.


After initial — and failed — trials to revitalize the logo we started to search for something completely new. The priority for my client was to clearly indicate what the company does, preferably with the usage of rising diagram. Based on those assumptions I came up with a pair of new designs:

szkice nowego logo SEO
Sketches of a new logo.

The first sketch got rejected pretty quickly. The second one also didn`t arouse Tomek`s enthusiasm at first. Main objections were: visual chaos caused by the specific text composition and mixing up magnifying glass with the rising-columns motif (“excess of happiness”;-). Nevertheless, I liked the general idea and was pretty sure that this is an interesting direction to follow and explore.

With every round of modifications and upgrades Tomek`s doubts towards this concept were gradually withering away. Moreover, his suggestion to depict the magnifying glass with some more perspective added more dynamism to the logo:

modyfkiacje wybranej propozycji logo SEO
Successive stages of modification.

At this stage we were practically sure that we have reached the right shape of the logo. Now we had only to pick fitting colors and put some finishing touches to some technical details...

Final result.


Below you can look up the final vertical and horizontal versions of the project.
( Basic Logo Card )

logo SEO
Final result.

We have also created stationery to accompany the new logo:

papeteria SEO

I`d like to wish the very best to Tomasz Kołkiewicz and his company, and thank not only for fruitful and very pleasant cooperation, but also for some viral marketing and a few cups of pretty nice coffee;-)