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Asun Asyar logo – case study.

Asun Asyar case study cover

The job was to design a logo for a new internet shop offering high quality cashmere products. Asun Asyar will be selling not only off-the-shelf clothing, but will also allow clients to customize products they would like to buy. This element is an essential part of the brand, as even the name comes from an abbreviation of "AS UNique AS You ARe".

Client`s initial wish was to base the design on a front-facing head of a goat. It had to be sophisticated, structured, strong and suggesting luxurious products.

Sketches. Lots of them.


sketches for Asun Asyar logo
Essential part of every design process, as this is where almost all ideas for logos are born. Not very tree-friendly, but necessary.

Initial concepts, incipient concerns.


All these designs have been presented to the client as preliminary ideas of the brandmark. A few of them seem to have some potential, but I was not particularly happy with any of them. Especially designs based on goat`s head seemed a bit unsatisfactory compared with the number of sketches I had already produced. That was not a good sign and - to make matters even worse - I felt quite creatively drained by this project. The final blow came when I got a reply from my client - he was not impressed by any of my proposals...

initial concepts Asun Asyar
Initial proposals.
Not a bad collection, but it felt like none of the concepts was totally on target yet...

Breaking the funk.


Luckily, after a short break from the project, my creative block suddenly went away and I was able to prepare two new proposals. Importantly, both of them were clearly superior to the initial set.

new proposal
First new concept.
Another take on the goat`s head. Definitely stronger and more pleasing than previous attempts.

My client was particularly happy with the below design, that uses a fingerprint pattern to depict a goat`s silhouette. Finally an idea that really transfers the right brand message!

idea behind the final logo
Second new idea.
Thought process behind the winning proposal.

Happy ending.


After having tested various modifications, simplified symbol versions, different lettering and composition options we decided to settle on a look very close to the initial proposal.

finished logo
Finished logo.
Goat`s silhouette recreated with fingerprint lines. Perfect symbol for a company offering premium cashmere products that you can customize to your own specific needs and whims.

Asun Asyar business card
Business card.